CBD For Sleep

CBD Help For Sleep

Many of us sleep too early, too late, too little or not at all, and the survey found that people who are often under stress in the context of the pandemic are particularly suffering from sleep problems.

CBD for Sleep Disorders

Quality sleep gives us the energy to not only focus on work or study, but more importantly, enjoy the quality time we hold so dearly.

So it’s no wonder sleep is talked about so much. While everyone seems to have their own secrets to better sleep, it’s not uncommon for CBD to now top the sleep disorder list.

Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

There are studies that have observed the sleep-promoting effects of CBD. For example, in a 2019 study, two-thirds of patients experienced significant improvements in sleep quality during the first month of the study. However: the effect diminished again in the second and third months. The habituation effect, placebo or relatively small doses used in the study – the exact cause could not be definitively determined. Methodological flaws may also be the cause. In addition to clinical studies, there are many consistent reports from users who have had a good experience with CBD when it comes to sleep. Although so far there is no clear claim that is permissible from a scientific standpoint, it does not seem entirely far-fetched that existing results and numerous reports from users suggest that CBD actually helps improve sleep quality.

How to Sleep With CBD Oil

Would you like to use CBD to aid sleep? It depends on your CBD concentration: for 10% CBD oil, the dose for sleep disturbance is of course different from 5% CBD oil. If you’re new to CBD and don’t know your exact dosage, we recommend starting with 5% CBD oil. Start with one spray at bedtime and increase to two sprays if needed, which equates to about 15 mg of CBD. CBD oil 10%, you can use it more sparingly, usually you only need one spray.